Atacama Desert - Chile - South America

Every journey begins with one step!

Be very welcome!

My name is Alexandra Mantelato Neiva, passionate about travel and books.

The original idea was to create a blog to talk about my travel experiences, without knowing exactly where to start.

Until, at the end of 2018, one of my sisters embarked on a backpacking trip with a friend and I hitched a ride on part of the route. But I can't carry that giant backpack on my back and so I went “with suitcase in hand”.

Okay, I already had the name for the project, but I put it away in my mind and heart.

So, in the search for my Italian citizenship, the feeling of finding my maternal family origin arose and, after a lot of research to locate documents, I realized that my great-grandfather left Italy for Brazil ''with suitcase in hand''.

The project came to life on paper and with one step I started the journey.

And here I am to report real stories and experiences, with some reflections that emerge along the way and, in some way, encourage people to read so that everyone can discover their own journey.


Have a good time!

Authentic stories, places, curiosities and much more...


Quick and essential reminders for your trip!

Define the destination
and budget.

The first step to start planning your itinerary.

Do research.

After the destination is defined, you need to do research, a lot of research. Read travel guides, articles, blogs and forums to learn more about the culture, history and sights you want to visit.

Book your flights and accommodation.

It's important to book your flights and accommodation in advance, especially if you're traveling during peak season.

Provide your documents.

Make sure you have all the necessary documents to travel to your destination, including passport, visa (if necessary).

Take out travel insurance.

Travel insurance is essential in case of flight delays and cancellations, lost luggage and other unforeseen events.

Be flexible.

The itinerary doesn't always go exactly as planned. Be flexible and avoid unnecessary suffering.


Discover my experiences and get inspired!


Some advantages of traveling

Cultural experiences

Broaden your awareness and understanding of the world by discovering new cultures, cuisines and lifestyles.

New friendships

Traveling is an excellent opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and build friendships with people you would never meet if you stayed at home.

Self knowledge

Take advantage of the different places and challenges that arise along the way to discover yourself, your preferences and also your limits.

Stress reduction

Getting out of the routine and exploring new places reduces stress, invigorates the mind and makes the heart happy.

Digital Disconnect

Disconnect from digital distractions and enjoy the present moment, connecting with nature and the people around you.


Exploring new places can guarantee a healthy dose of adrenaline, excitement and intuition.


Expansion of knowledge

Take advantage of the trip to learn a new language, take a course, do business and undertake something new.

Share with us your advantages of traveling