Alexandra Mantelato Neiva


According to my mother, I can't see a plane if the suitcase is already packed.
I live out of suitcase in hand, lol
And who doesn't love a long holiday to pack their bags and hit the road? I believe most people.
But have you ever stopped to think about what traveling means to you?
Time away from work to rest your mind, visit friends or spend free time with your family without worries.
The opportunity to cross the country or cross the ocean and discover new places, colors and flavors.
Traveling alone, with friends or with family? What is the best option?
It all depends on the moment, at least for me.
Sharing our time on trips with family brings joy to our being.
Traveling with friends is definitely fun.
Traveling alone, with your own company is rediscovering your strength, capacity, wisdom, intelligence, self-love. It's opening up to the unknown and getting to know yourself again. It's about expanding your consciousness and appreciating the world from another perspective, your own perspective.
Regardless of how you choose to travel, TRAVEL! Live your experiences and contemplate the world for yourself.