Alexandra Mantelato Neiva


What can I say about this country that gave life to my first book? I only have excellent memories.
The country is beautiful, safe and welcoming.
In the month of April, the wind is already cold, indicating the approach of winter, but this is not an impediment to exploring the country.
Montevideo is easy to walk around and driving through Uruguay is surprising, both for the landscape and the asphalt, which doesn't have a single pothole, thank goodness!
The Uruguayan capital is charming and the food is delicious.
And what can we talk about the alfajor and dulce de leche… a spectacle in itself.
Colônia Del Sacramento is well worth a visit, the little town is adorable! In fact, if you can, spend a night in the city.
Punta del Este is beautiful and expensive, but worth every penny. And what can we say about José Ignácio, the charming resort 20km from Punta, where you can enjoy excellent seafood at the beachfront restaurant “La Huella”.
At times, Latin America is buzzing, with the exception of Uruguay, which calmly and safely welcomes everyone who arrives in its lands to discover its beauty and riches.
And what hospitable and polite people! It's impossible not to be enchanted.
Ah Uruguay, I will soon return.
Discover all the details in the book  “Caminhando no Uruguai”